The CFIC is a platform that helps solve challenging Warfighter problems through collaboration, ideation, events, and rapid prototyping. Through cyber-topic-focused Research and innovation, we host a series of events to strengthen and broaden science and technology collaborations among academia, industry and the Department of Defense.
The CFIC Team invites university, federal labs and industry researchers who specialize in topics related to the application of cyberspace offensive/defensive autonomy research and development concepts and technologies to join our Real-Time Research. These research topics will provide academia, federal labs and industry opportunities to showcase and discuss their transformational capabilities with an all-government audience.
As a neutral facilitator, CFIC owns no intellectual property or U.S. patents. The sole function of CFIC’s Events is to get transformational capabilities in front of Government Partners so they can decide if they would like to connect with presenters offline.

Participants from academia, federal labs and industry interested in collaborating with any proposed research topics should join our Real-Time Research below.