Past Events

Machine Learning Collaboration Event

Machine Learning Collaboration Event

10 May 2022


Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC) in partnership with U.S. Army Cyber (ARCYBER) and the Technical Warfare Center (TWC) hosted the Machine Learning Collaboration Event on 10 May 2022.


Thirty-eight industry, one local university and 11 government officials participated in the collaboration event.


Twenty solutions were presented to our government partners at the end of the event for further review and evaluation.


This review will lead to the presentation of a solution by our government partners for industry to submit their white paper.


Machine Learning Collaboration Event Resources

Current Limitations and Ways to Overcome List: Click Here to Review

Blue Sky Presentations: Click Here to Review

Event Feedback: Click Here to Submit (NLT 17 May 2022)

Past Events

Cross-Domain Solution Assessment Event

Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) Assessment Event
23 May 2022 


The Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC), in collaboration with U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) Technical Warfare Center (TWC), hosted an Assessment Event (AE) to identify a Cross-Domain Solution (CDS) to provide a seamless path for ingestion of Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) data from a Mission Partner Environment (MPE) to ARCYBER’s Big Data Platform (BDP), performing a one-way data transport function.  


The desired end state was to better understand current industry capabilities and determine if those solutions were compatible with addressing a required one-way data transfer capability to enable data movement from a classified coalition network to ARCYBER’s classified instance of BDP.  


ARCYBER TWC were interested in CDS capabilities that provided an automated ability to move cybersecurity-related data from an MPE to the ARCYBER’s BDP; it will enable the ARCYBER Enterprise to sense, understand, decide, and act in support of ongoing DCO operations. 


MPE is an operating environment that enables operations and intelligence for planning and execution on a network infrastructure at a single security level with a common language. An MPE capability provides the ability for mission partners to share their information with all participants within a specific partnership or coalition. 


The desired capability required a software solution which moves data rapidly and logically from one enclave to another. The capability also requires a one-way hardware component to physically separate the two enclaves utilizing a one-way fiber optic solution with a transfer rate of 100Mbps minimum.  Both components must be NSA assessed and approved for use on DoD networks. 


There were eleven submissions from ten different companies.  Three solutions from three different companies were selected by ARCYBER TWC to present virtually.  Of the three solutions, one was chosen for further follow-on and analysis of its capabilities in performing a one-way data transport function.  


The company chosen for further follow-on and analysis was awarded contract.

Past Events

Data as a Service Event

Data As A Service Virtual Event

On 24 March 2022 Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC) in partnership with U.S. Army Cyber (ARCYBER) and the Technical Warfare Center (TWC) hosted the Data As A Service (DAAS) Virtual Collaboration Event with Industry, Academia, and Laboratory.  Consisted of two collaboration events, a Government only event and then Industry event

The government event consisted of 23 participants, identifying 66 current limitations, resulting in 11 problem statements.  After voting was concluded, one problem statement was released to industry during their event. 

The industry event consisted of 150 participants resulting in the development of 45 questions and answers presented to our government partners for further evaluation.  

From 29 March 2022 to 28 April 2022 there were 134 solution submissions from industry.

Eighteen companies were selected to move forward with capability demonstrations. 

Past Events

PAI Assessment Event Update

PAI Assessment Event

Event Dates: 26-28 April 2021

Cyber Fusion Innovation Center (CFIC), in collaboration with ARCYBER, has successfully conducted their first Assessment Event. This event was in search of industry expertise, software integration, analytic development, and data visualization capabilities to allow real-time, near real-time, and historical analysis of publicly available information (PAI) posted on mission-determined social media platforms along with government-owned datasets. Technical Warfare Center (TWC), 1st iO, and Gabriel Nimbus SME’s assessed selected organizations to participate in one-on-one sessions with the Government evaluation panel to pitch, demonstrate, and/or discuss their capabilities.

Event Outcomes:

  • Out of 122 total submissions, the ARCYBER team ultimately selected 23 solutions to move forward to the demonstration phase.
  • Virtual one-on-one sessions were hosted to allow selected companies to pitch, demonstrate and discuss their solutions and be asked specific questions by the Government panel.
  • Based on the outcome from the one-on-one discussions, ARCYBER has selected their top 3 candidates to participate in a follow-on prototyping cycle to have their capability further evaluated for feasibility and military utility.
Out of the three companies in the follow-on prototyping phase, one was awarded contract after evaluation of their prototype.